Every Canadian should have a pension
David highlights why every Canadian should own their personal pension. This will help investors succeed in good markets and protects them from volatile markets as well as produce an income for life.
Income for life
The retirement landscape has changed and it is now more important than ever to provide guaranteed income for life. David highlights the taxation on between different types of investments in retirement.
PlayGMWB RRIF for life

GMWB RRIF for life

We think it's really important that if you are between the ages of 65 and 75 you protect your RRIF for life.    As we know rrif are designed to run out. And with a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit you can rest easy knowing the worst case scenario what you will receive ...
PlayThe Trump Effect

The Trump Effect

With all that's has been going on since Trump took presidency many Canadians wonder what effect trump will have on their overall retirement plans.    Since Trump took office markets have seemed to only go up regardless of what news comes out about Donald. This has lead many ...
PlayRetirement  tips (5 of 5)

Retirement tips (5 of 5)

Retirement tips (5 of 5)    david speaks on his retirement tip (5 of 5). Looking at your overall retirement is critical to being successful. David retirement tips from accumulating wealth to producing a guaranteed income stream to Stu retired is  all important.&nbs ...
PlayRetirement tips (4 of 5)

Retirement tips (4 of 5)

Tip 4 of 5    Accumulation, 5% and resets, now lets talk about when you retire. This product offers guaranteed lifetime income. I don't know if anyone out there has a defined benefit pension plan. But this product offers the similar offering. When you retire the contract ...