Kerriegh Ernst - 50 years experience
Davids course is a very forward focused course. This course will help advisors meet their clients needs, today, tomorrow and in the future.
Stefano Perfetti - 15 years experience
David is in tune with the markets and sees the big picture.
Peter Fosbery - 30 years experience
David provides Great information in his seminars
Brian Shunak - 30 years experience
"David Spector knows his stuff"which is why Brian will work with David on a going forward basis.
John Slemko - CFP
Davids course teaches you which product is best for which client.
Chris Hrynyk - Wealth Advisor
David provides a continual stream of knowledge to his advisors. Which is why we see advisors consistently come through these courses.
Diana Dyer - President of Triumph Capital Limited
David was informative and brought out guest speakers that were also very informative.
Scott Goldston
This course gave Scott a leg up by providing him with knowledge for the next 15-20 years.
Tom and Sheila Beck
Davids course was a great comparative view on different GMWB products. Because the products are always changing it was great to come out and listen to David.
Tim Cassell
David has consistently inspired advisors to go out and take action. This is the best course Tim has been to in years!
Paul Stadnik
David is brilliant when it comes to presenting technical concepts. If you haven't come to one of Davids course you have to!