CRS Designation Course Outline

The first in the Canadian life insurance industry CRS (Certified Retirement Specialist) designation consists of four qualifying courses. They are SEGREGATED FUNDS, G M W B, INSURED LEVERAGING and ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS. These are followed by four CRS designation courses dealing with the same topics but in greater depth including case studies and advanced selling techniques. Every two years, following designation, an additional four courses are mandatory to keep you up to date regarding any changes in insured retirement products. A test will follow. The designation must be completed within two years from the date of the first qualifying course. With CRM coming, this will assist you with compliance. The retirement wave is moving rapidly forward, and this will insure that you strengthen your book of business.The full cost of this designation is $2,500.00.


As always, breakfast and lunch are provided. After the completion of one course, you will receive your certificate for completion as well as 7.5 CE credits for the course that you completed. Course fee is $200.00 per course, payable by VISA. All courses must be prepaid.

CE credits for all courses are approved by Advocis and IAFE.

Segregated Fund Qualification Course

This one day course is a valuable introduction to SEGREGATED FUNDS. Industry expert David Spector will clarify where each company is strong and which client is the right fit for a particular company.

GMWB Qualification Course

This course will present an overview of pension products offered by the insurance companies in Canada. We will introduce the new term “PENSIONIZING”. By “pensionizing” the assets of the aging population in Canada, we recognize the fact that people require specific products to cover fixed costs during retirement.

David Spector’s “T” chart will be introduced to help advisors negate the on-going idea that these products are “too expensive”! This course, a part of the overall CRS designation, is a MUST for advisors who are serious about growing their money business.

Insured Leveraging Qualification Course

This course is an introductory course on leveraging pension type products in Canada. These products are designed for people that do not have a pension or who need assistance in creating more of a nest egg in retirement. We will introduce companies that are specialists in lending Canadian money. This course is critical as part of the CRS designation because not all Canadians have the money they need for future retirement. This area will be one of the largest growth areas that will enable Canadians that do not have pensions to construct their own pension plans going forward.

Alternative Investment Qualification Course

This is an introductory course on how alternative investments might fit a portfolio for retirement purposes. We will caution on how this investment type is more risky and is designed for clients who have a higher risk tolerance. Each company will present its’ history, detailing projects that have or may not have been successful as well as new projects going forward.

This course is part of the CRS designation because advisors across Canada are being introduced to this type of investment without full knowledge of how these products work.

Qualifying Courses

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