Become a specialist in “Pensionizing” your clients’ assets for retirement.

CRS (Certified Retirement Specialist) gives financial planners the tools to educate their clients and prospects on the benefits of insured retirement. The four qualifing courses are introductory in nature. The four designation courses will focus on in depth studies during the investment life cycles for retirement purposes. We will be focused on taxation, sales strategies, prospecting, and client seminars where the emphasis will be on building your book of business.

PlayRetirement  tips (5 of 5)

Retirement tips (5 of 5)

Retirement tips (5 of 5)    david speaks on his retirement tip (5 of 5). Looking at your overall retirement is critical to being successful. David retirement tips from accumulating wealth to producing a guaranteed income stream to Stu retired is  all important.&nbs ...
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Retirement tips (4 of 5)

Tip 4 of 5    Accumulation, 5% and resets, now lets talk about when you retire. This product offers guaranteed lifetime income. I don't know if anyone out there has a defined benefit pension plan. But this product offers the similar offering. When you retire the contract ...

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retirement tips 3 of 5   Resetting your contract, can you imagine being invested in mutual funds the last two years and being able to reset at the height of the market. This what we are able to do with your retirement planning going forward. Every three years, if your market ...
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Retirement tips (2 of 5)

Retirement tip (2 of 5)   Today we are going to discuss the accumlation leading up to retirement. The products we work with guarantee our clients a certain amount of return. The product we are working with actually guarantees our clients 5% net of fees, with absolutely no risk. ...
PlayRetirement planning - RRSP vs TFSA

Retirement planning - RRSP vs TFSA

How do you want to retire.This video highlights the difference between RRSPs and TFSA. When you contribute to a RRSP you receive a deduction against your taxes, the money grows tax deferred. But when you withdrawl your income is 100% tax as income.   When you contribute to a ...
Question and Answer

Question and Answer

  David Spector Financial Group     Q and A    1. Is the payment for the designation course tax deductible? Yes, once you receive a receipt it is fully tax deductible as a training course.    2. How do I enroll in the partnership program? We ...