These four designation courses will cover similar topics as the qualifying courses but the main difference is that they will be a much more in depth study of how these retirement products affect Canadians at different stages of their life cycles. Categories between 30&40, 40&55, 55&65, and71&over will be covered. We will offer, along with the manufacturers’ case studies, discussions on how the life insurance investment products affect people in various stages of their life cycles.There will be a test after each course. One final exam will follow after completion of the four designation courses.These courses must be completed within two years of finishing your first qualifying course. The final exam must have a 75% or higher grade in order to complete your CRS designation. After completing the designation, four courses within a two year period are required to maintain your CRS designation.


As always, breakfast and lunch are provided. After the completion of one course, you will receive your certificate for completion as well as 7.5 CE credits for the course that you completed. Course fee is $200.00 per course, payable by VISA. All courses must be prepaid.

CE credits for all courses are approved by Advocis and IAFE.

Segregated Fund Designation Course

The seg fund designation course is an in depth look at how segregated funds can help a financial planner utilize this product for retirement purposes. We will talk about different time periods when this product could be utilized to help protect a portfolio from cyclical markets. We will also talk about when it is not advisable to utilize seg funds for retirement income guarantees. We will also consider strategies on how to prospect so as to increase your book on the money side when selling segregated funds.

GMWB Designation Course

The GMWB designation course will offer an in depth look at different “pentionizing” products and how each product could affect your clients in different stages of their investment life cycle. We will also be looking at case studies showing how these various pensionizing products will work for different risk levels of potential clients. We will also consider the question of higher MERS VS non life insurance products such as mutual funds. We require that the students

In this course utilize the Spector “T” chart. We will also be discussing how to prospect and how to build seminars in order to present these pension type products to your clients.

Insured Leveraging Designation Course

The insured leveraging designation course offers a detailed study of leveraging opportunities with guaranteed products. We will look at various opportunities during the investment cycle and will offer case studies on how to use financial institutions in order to create pensions for Canadians even though they might not have assets on hand for retirement purposes. We will also talk obout the incredible tax advantage of being able to deduct interest paid on loans invested into pensions VS traditional RRSP’S.

Alternative Investment Designation Course

This is an introductory course on how alternative investments might fit a portfolio for retirement purposes. We will caution on how this investment type is more risky and is designed for clients who have a higher risk tolerance. Each company will present its’ history, detailing projects that have or may not have been successful as well as new projects going forward.

The alternative investment course will include an in depth look at how a range of alternative investment companies and their products might fit into an overall pension plan. Using case studies,we will consider the pros and cons of various alternative investment instruments and how, at different life cycles, these products can be used to enhance an overall pension plan. We will also look into the overall risk your clients may face when they invest into these products.

Designation Courses

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